Jackie Hitchcock - Certified Yoga Teacher & Trainer, Aerial Yoga Teacher & Plant-Based Raw Chef

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                  Raw & Living Food Classes

     Enjoy a fresh perspective on eating raw fruits and vegetables!  In these classes I share methods of preparing delicious raw food meals that are vegan-friendly as well as gluten-free.  Discover the health benefits of nutrient-dense and enzyme-rich living food!

     Many people strive to follow a completely raw diet.  While this is an admirable lifestyle, I believe that most people would benefit from adding more fresh food to their diet.

     Learn to go beyond salads to create savory dips and spreads, satisfying soups, pasta alternatives and creamy, sweet desserts that are enjoyed by everyone.

     I offer public group classes as well as private ones.  If you, or a group of friends or co-workers, are interested in learning how to create fabulous raw dishes and improve your health, contact me at jackiehitchcock@live.ca. 

                  What Makes My Cuisine Exclusive?

     I do not use agave syrup in my recipes.  It is unfortunate that this unhealthy sweetener has found it's way into the majority of mainstream raw recipes which would otherwise be healthful.  Dried and whole fruits and their juices act as natural sweeters in my original recipes.  Coconut sugar and maple syrup are not used as they are not raw, however, you will find these ingredients in many recipes that claim to be raw.  Honey and other bee products are not called for in my recipes.

     Umami is one of the five basic tastes that is often overlooked when creating raw food (and vegan) recipes.  This flavour is often associated with non-vegan foods, but it need not be that way.  Having followed a plant-based diet from an early age and experimenting with vegan foods for most of my life, I have discovered many methods of creating this savory taste that we naturally crave.

     My cuisine is gluten-free.  Gluten is often hidden in ground herbs & spices.  I grind my own spices & dried herbs to avoid this unwanted gluten.  I do not use nama shoyu (common in many raw food recipes), as a result. 

In creating my recipes, sprouting is always taken into consideration.  Many nuts and seeds are unhealthy unless sprouting is activated by soaking in water for a given amount of time.  See my FAQ page for more information on the importance of sprouting some seeds & nuts.  With your health in mind, I will never create a dish from any nut or seed which requires sprouting without adding that important step in my final recipe.  The taste & texture of a dish will reflect whether or not a particular seed or nut has been sprouted.

     Nutritional yeast is an ingredient that is also used in many recipes claiming to be raw, however, this inactive yeast, while common in vegan recipes to create a 'cheesy' taste, has no place in a 100% living & raw food diet.  My raw food recipes do not include nutritional yeast, a 'cheesy' taste may be achieved by other means.

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