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Connection With Nature - Why it's Essential

Posted by Jackie Hitchcock on February 19, 2014 at 6:45 PM

                                              Connection With Nature - Why it's Essential

     In today's hectic world, it can be easy to forget that we are a part of nature's complex system.  We're human animals who require a connection with nature for our well-being.  To experience health, we need time away from our man-made concrete jungle and indoor environment.

     There are a number of health benefits associated with getting outdoors, regardless of whether we are active or not.  Our minds and bodies are refreshed in nature.  Life becomes less hectic and stress eases.  Time spent in nature provides us with more than fresh air, but a time to reflect and heal.  Studies have shown that green spaces encourage mental health.  The sights, sounds and aromas in a natural setting are conducive to a sense of well-being.

     The pace of life seems to slow down in a natural environment.  Blue skies and green foilage relax us and promote healing.  Playful squirrels, rabbits and other animals bring us joy, while bird sounds and babbling brooks calm us.  The sweet and clean smell of forests and meadows return us to our natural state of happiness.

     There are a number of activities that can get us out of our home or office in every season.  Walking and hiking can be replaced with snowshoeing or skiing, simply dress for it!  Even a drive to the country can be beneficial, just be sure to get plenty of fresh air and drive slowly to appreciate the scenery.

     Connection with nature on a regular basis should be a part of every wellness program.  Don't let yourself become overwhelmed with stress before visiting the countryside, use nature as preventative medicine.  Schedule time for yourself to venture out and experience the vibrance of life in the beauty of a natural setting.


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