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Kundalini and Power Yoga - Vastly Different Yet The Same

Posted by Jackie Hitchcock on November 22, 2013 at 8:35 PM

The practise of Yoga is becoming increasingly popular thanks to it's many physical and emotional health benefits. There are various styles of Yoga being offered at gyms, health clubs, spas and studios around the world. There is a type of Yoga for every person of every ability, it's all about finding your niche!  

Some Yoga styles would appear to be polar opposites, such as Kundalini Yoga and Power Yoga, for example. In reality, all types of Yoga benefit the nervous system and promote a sense of calm. What appears to be vastly different is actually the same. So what are Kundalini and Power Yoga and are either of them for you?  

Kundalini is the most ancient form of Yoga.  This style of Yoga involves spinal flexes, breath-work and is mainly practiced seated. Kundalini benefits the lymphatic system and is excellent for individuals of all abilities. With an emphasis on how you feel, not how you look, many of the exercises can be performed with eyes closed. Kundalini Yoga can help to remove emotional blockages and leave us with a general sense of well-being and purpose.

Power Yoga is a modern fitness-based style of Yoga with it's roots in antiquity. This form of Yoga has become popular with health clubs for it's ability to strengthen, stretch and deliver a great workout. Power Yoga is practiced in a flowing style with emphasis on movement with the breath. Upbeat and engaging, Power Yoga will make you sweat! Poses, exercises and sequences vary from class to class to keep your Yoga practise interesting!  

Just as we may believe that we are very different from another person, much like Kundalini and Power Yoga, we are fundamentally the same! Each of us are unique with different needs, but we all need Yoga, whichever type suits us best. Yoga is for everyone! A wise man once said, "If you can breathe, you can do Yoga." So, what's your style? Have you found it yet?!  



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